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80's slang. Like totally cool. "Gag me with a spoon" makes me think of full house every time I see or hear it.

Ugh.. eat my shorts! Snot! Stew! (is not, is too) Crunch my cookie! Cowabunga! Take a chill pill! Pump it up! Lmao!

1980s gag me with a spoon. dudette. psych! gnarly. I can't believe I said, I still say stoked, is that okay?

whose mom didn't have one of these? mine did!

My Granny made these for us when we were kids. I was probably 10 or 11.

1970's-The Un-Candle, by Corning. We thought these were so cool because of the water/fire combo!

Tab! Drank so much Tab in high school that my mother hid the 12 pack in the basement and tried to ration it to me, putting just ONE in the fridge a day. Didn't work. Tried one a couple years ago for nostalgia's sake and couldn't believe that I used to drink it. YUCK!

80's Earrings. My mom used to wear ugly stuff like this with her matching banana clips