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It was a sad day when I found out my dog couldn’t have sweet potato – especially for him. I literally can’t say the “s” word without seeing his ears perk up, tail wag and …

12 hours old baby elephant

5 Dogs that are easiest to train

Golden Doodle

Berner sled dog

African elephants are constantly hunted and killed for their ivory tusks. The U.S. being one of the top buyers for illegal ivory only contributes to the problem. Act now to classify the African elephant as endangered to ensure further protection for these majestic animals.


sweet baby

Such a sweet baby...

Best buddies

It’s not magic, just a few simple changes to my eating, thought patterns and lifestyle habits!

I am the cutest dog

Berner babies! ♥ ♥

Sansa the Goldendoodle

A Drone Captured These Never-Before-Seen Views of Killer Whales | TakePart

Bichon baby

Go Away. I'm Pinning.

Look at that happy face!

Pack the Trunk Paperclips. Add an element of fun to blas paperwork with these adorable paperclips! #modcloth

I Love Elephants! Jonathan Adler - Elephant Mugs!


Greater Swiss mountain bulldog mix puppy