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Hot. Just hot. That vest? That beard? Those shades??? I hope he doesn't play in a funk band, because if he did I would just about lose it. This man and I ought to get down and dance all night. Right on.

The first professional clockmakers came from the guilds of locksmiths & jewellers. Clockmaking developed from a specialized craft into a mass production industry over many years. Paris & Blois were the early centers of clockmaking in France. French clockmakers such as Julien Le Roy, clockmaker of Versailles, were leaders in case design & ornamental clocks. Le Roy belonged to the 5th generation of a family of clockmakers, and was described by his contemporaries as "the most skillful in France

The pocket watch. An important acquisition on the journey to manhood. jm

"Pocket handkerchief folds. Basics." A good pocketsquare is the ideal item for any gentleman! Though I only have one.

Soft and delicate, lace. Definitely like the scoop back trend.

Love that you can see her in the mirror

vintage-style wedding dresses I love the way the train is layered on top. Super pretty.