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ღღ New York City.... Brooklyn Bridge under the snow

My fave place to walk.what a GREAT winter photograph! Brooklyn Bridge under Snow, New York. Photography by Barry Yanowitz.

Five points area of NYC, made infamous in the film, 'Gangs Of New York'. This area was notorios in the 1800's as the home of the murderous gangs 'The Plug Uglies', and 'The Dead Rabbits', etc...yes, those gangs are not fiction. (But, as a history lover, I can tell you that film was highly fictionalized). It was, in most of the dramatics, fiction. Way embellished. The book, the film was made from, is a more accurate accounting.

The Five Points NYC - Mulberry St (?) around the early The Chinese, through sweat and sacrifice, changed this slum into one of the most desirable places to live in Manhattan.

A two-horse street cleaner, NYC, 1905.

Post with 16293 views. An important job in the horse drawn era. a street cleaner, NYC

By the early 1900s, it looks like the Victorian flourishes have disappeared, at least on this sign on Fifth Avenue and 45th Street:

The evolution of the New York City street sign

turn of the century nyc photos - Ephermeral New York - wordpress

New York Station

Grand Central Terminal (incorrectly labeled as Station.) New York City 1929 Photo by Hal Morey (Image from the NYC Transit Museum)

Aerial view of New York City, looking north, on December 16, 1951. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) #

Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives

New York City, it's a hell of a town. Feeling like a need a day of shopping and people watching in the Big Apple.....

63 Washington St Brooklyn, NY 11201 New York City what to be on this street and see the bridge** go a few blocks over and you can see the Brooklyn Bridge from the same angle. Also check out: Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 or 1 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201