“Does she think I’m still unconscious? What do I do what do I do. Why is she stroking my face. That’s awkward. Maybe I’ll just lay here and pretend I’m not awake yet.”

Ariel + Eric

Ariel and Eric

Dance with me Prince Eric


Disney's Ariel & Eric from The Little Mermaid

Ariel & Eric <3

I'm dying

Hummm, somethings not right here... gimme a sec, I'll get it ... Oh I see, his left pocket is hanging out!

Disturbing xD


Ariel Meme Face | disney-grumpy-cat-meme-by-eric-proctor-ariel

DISNEY GENDER SWAP - Princess Ariel & Prince Eric = Prince Arie & Princess Erika. [Made using Azalea's FairtyTale Scene Maker]


Funny Ariel | Ariel And Eric The Little Mermaid Gif Funny


Eric and Grimsby

Oh my... XD

I'm with her. This. Is. Hilarious!

So true!