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All day I dream about drugs. All night I think about my future. Perhaps I should spend my mornings in planning and preparation??

Sleep Deprivation

Well, if so, then I'm really living my life...


Even from just the sound of your voice on the phone in the morning or late at rock my world!

Spent all day with Corrie and even with my relaxing night after all the craziness at my moms house, I could really go for being in his arms right now. Cannot wait for him to be home at nights this weekend so we can go on our date in my pretty dress and cuddle the night away ^_^

aww. yeah.

Smile Strong!

Just saying...

Live your life and forget your age. #quote #live #life

Life is about taking risks


Home is where the record player is.

The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them.


So true!

Daily quote...




Saturdays are for adventure_Sundays are for cuddling