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Pumpkin Flan

For many Cubans, flan is a birthright This version comes from Margarita Velasco, who left Cuba for America when she was 10 She got it from a relative who for years made it when Ms

Pumpkin Flan with Maple Caramel

Ina Garten’s Pumpkin Flan Is Going to Be Your New Go-To Thanksgiving Dessert (Sorry, Pumpkin Pie)

Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crust and Pepita–Sage Brittle

Raspberry-Hazelnut Macaroons (Haselnussmakronen)

These raspberry-hazelnut macaroons are the perfect simple Christmas cookies. Get the recipe at Food & Wine.

Reversed Impossible Chocolate Flan

NYT Cooking: In this magical recipe by Ben Mims from his cookbook "Sweet & Southern," vanilla cake and chocolate custard are layered into a Bundt pan before baking. In the oven, the two switch places, with the heavier custard sinking while the cake rises to the surface. Once unmolded, you end up with a tender band of cake on the bottom and creamy, wobbly flan on top. It�s rich, soft, deeply fudgy and a hit at dinner parties.

Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tarts

Lemon-Almond Butter Cake

This buttery almond cake with lemon curd baked inside is like the ultimate citrus tart, without the heartbreak of pie crust. It's fancy enough to be served as a dinner party dessert, yet substantial enough to be served with Sunday brunch. (Photo: Karsten Moran for The New York Times)

Apple Cranberry Slab Pie

NYT Cooking: A slab pie is nothing more than a regular pie writ large. Baked in a 9-x-13-inch pan, this pie feeds 24 but is easier to make (and to carry) than 3 separate pies. The filling was inspired by an e-mail from Pete Wells, our restaurant critic, who mused about his ideal Thanksgiving dessert