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The 'Queets Spruce' is the largest in the world Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) with a trunk volume of 337 m3 (11,900 cu ft) it is 75.6 m (248 ft) tall and 455 cm (15 ft) in dbh. It is located near the Queets River in Olympic National Park, about 26 kilometres (16 mi) from the Pacific Ocean. >

Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a species of spruce native to Europe. It is a large, fast-growing evergreen coniferous tree growing to 35-55 m tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 1-1.5 m (2 -2,4 m) . The tallest measured Norway spruce, 63 m tall, is in Perucica Virgin Forest, Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The lifespan is up to 600 year old. Oldest recorded specimen in Bavarian Forest, Germany was 468 year old.

In a carving shed in Sitka National Historical Park, a team of five well-known carvers are continuing, and reviving, an art practiced since time immemorial — carving a wooden dugout canoe from the intact trunk of one of the Tongass National Forest’s enormous trees. Pacific Northwest Native peoples once paddled carved spruce and red cedar dugout canoes up and down the coast, but very few people know, now, how to make them. 

World's oldest tree aged 9,500 years found on mountain in Sweden

The tree, named Old Tjikko, pictured on a less cold day, was found by a team of scientists during a 2004 census

Ferns and moss-covered trunks. The Hoh Rain Forest, which contains more than 3,000 species of plant life, abounds in Sitka spruce and western hemlock, some reaching 3OO feet in height and 23 feet in circumference. Douglas fir, western red cedar, big leaf maple and black cottonwood are also found throughout the forest. The forest floor is carpeted with ferns. Nearly every bit of space within the forest is taken up with a living plant, and

Old Spruce - limited edition archival art print

The 3 Trees

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