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#MoA      "Tell her I'm sorry I sold the diamond, eh?" Sammy said, "I broke my promise. When she disappeared in Alaska... ah, so long ago, I finally used that diamond, moved to Texas as I always dreamed. I started my machine shop. Started my family! It was a good life, but Hazel was right. The diamond came with a curse. I never saw her again..."

monkeyscandance: “ I am pretty sure I will never get around to completely finishing this, but I still think this song is amazing for the PJO/HoO ladies and I did get around to finish one chorus!

No Logan. No.

ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH No.Come on they can't be that stupid can they? How the hell can't they know about blue food? Logan plays Percy for crying out loud! He should know what blue food is!This is one of the many reasons the movies suck.

Leo: Son of Hephaestus by germanmissiles

Read Bet from the story Leo Valdez X Reader Drabbles On Hold! valdez, love, Thanks to my reader H.

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I love the idea of Percy and Nico actually forming a good friendship after Nico tells him.

Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo. Percy's like his big brother :) <- looking at this now makes me feel bad for Nico, I mean, brotherzoned even by the fans <<< "You're cute, but not my type." - Nico to Percy, Blood of Olympus

Bianca and Nico di Angelo if Bianca hadn't died. Its still depressing!!<<<<<no nonono I'm crying no

Bianca Di Angelo and Nico Di Angelo/ what would have happened if Bianca survived and stayed a hunter/ brb crying