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Daryl Dixon (TV Series) Gallery

28 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On “Walking Dead”. Haha this is so nerdy, but Daryl is my favorite.

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead. So true. and his arms look even better in the bottom one haha

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead. So true. not anyone can take on a "lil asskicker" like he did.

The Reedus: Photoshoots

Wallpaper and background photos of ▲NR▲ for fans of Norman Reedus images.

Norman Reedus

"What's your name, cause I'm impressed Can you treat me good, I won't settle for less You a hot boy, a rock boy A fun toy, tote a glock boy"

Norman Reedus

Imagista: A Peek Inside The Life of Norman Reedus REEDUS RISING: Walking With TV’s Deadliest LegendInterview by Michael Williams The first thing I notice about Norman Reedus when I walk into NYC’s.