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the complexity of our task at hand - silver fox and barn owl - Original Giclee Edition Print - 13x19"

Incredible Sculptural work!!!! CUSTOM ORDER Personal Creature large by creaturesfromel on Etsy, $225.00

June 2013 : Hallucigenia is an extinct genus of animal found as fossils in the Middle Cambrian-aged Burgess Shale formation of British Columbia.

Paleoillustration: "An artist’s rendering of the hypothetical placental ancestor, a small insect-eating animal. The research team reconstructed the anatomy of the animal by mapping traits onto the evolutionary tree most strongly supported by the combined phenomic and genomic data and comparing the features in placental mammals with those seen in their closest relatives.” Illustration by Carl Buell

Arsinoitherium - Extinct elephant relative. Lived during the late Eocene and early Oligocene (36 to 30 million years ago).

Edaphosaurus was a genus of sail-back synapsid, a group of animals that includes mammals and their relatives. It lived from the late Carboniferous to the early Permian. Even though Edaphosaurus resembled a dinosaur, they were not dinosaurs. They are actually ancestors of early mammals.