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LOOK: 31 Mind-Blowing Deep Sea Creatures

A very rare bioluminescent deep sea creature called Dumbo octopus. This lovely creature gets its name for its likeness to the popular Disney flying elephant, Dumbo.

This deep-sea fish, Photostomias guernei, has a built-in bioluminescent flashlight it uses to help it see in the dark.

Swimmingly peacefully through the dark waters of the ocean the world over are marine planktonic polychaete worms in genus Tomopteris These mesmerizing creatures are relatively transparent until they shine a deep bioluminescent blue. One species, Tomopteris nisseni, is one of the few creatures on the planet to produce yellow bioluminescence.

Blue is the most common color of bioluminescence in the ocean, but there are interesting exceptions, like this deep-sea polychaete worm (Tomopteris).

Europa: Sea Life A squid-like creature feeds on the bottom of the salty ocean thought to exist below the icy crust of this moon of Jupiter. Europa is the only large body, other than Earth, that may have large volumes of water capable of supporting life. If organisms exist in this perpetually dark sea, they may exhibit characteristics of deep sea creatures in Earth's oceans, including bioluminescence and a nutrient chain based around hydrothermal vents.