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Androgynous people are the ultimate confusion for people who only accept societies norms. They break every gender norm possible and make people judge and question them all at once. Androgyny challenges everything we know and are comfortable with.

thegang: Together -Defiant Love by Nayahri: “A Masculine-Identified lesbian couple sharing a tender and -almost ironically- feminine moment. This image was so profound for me to take because masculine identified lesbians (A.K.A. “studs”) are a taboo to society as a whole. But for two studs to be in a relationship with one another is still very frowned upon in the lesbian community.” Source (via liquorinthefront)

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Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate Ruby Rose?

It's very important to remember that we live on the same planet as Ruby Rose.

((FC, Ruby Rose)) "'sup? I'm Ruby, age 20. Alec is my brother. Lay a finger on him and I will end you. Guaranteed i can kick your ass if you cross me. Yeah, I want through some things, but it made me that much stronger."