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90-60-90 | Спортивные девушки

90-60-90 | Спортивные девушки

Funny pictures about The Sweetest Wedding Photos Recreation. Oh, and cool pics about The Sweetest Wedding Photos Recreation. Also, The Sweetest Wedding Photos Recreation photos.

Бесстрашная кошка Мэри Джейн сопровождает своего хозяина во время его велосипедных поездок.

Meet Rudi and Mary Jane - "She's in total zen mode." Rudi has has been cycling around Philadelphia with his cat since she was a kitten. Very cool and so nice to see a man loving a cat so much!

Finally, my affection for old time radio and chubby cheeked children meet in one adorable picture. (1938)

Broadcast Mews: 1938 Washington, D. "Patrick Brennan, son of the Minister of Ireland, and Mrs. One of a series of photographs depicting children of various diplomats speaking from their homes to a radio audience.

Anna Pavlovna and her cat ~ 1911. via Historical Fashion Society

Misnamed: this is Anna Pavlova, Russian prima ballerina, who died in Anna Pavlovna died in the Anna Pavlovna and her cat ~ via Historical Fashion Society

mr banana)

Banana George via Humans of New York — "'This is Banana George,' she said, 'the world's oldest barefoot waterskier. He's 97 now. When he was he set the world record for the oldest person to waterski barefoot.



Love that Man see more at http://blog.blackboxs.ru/category/funny-cats/

Faith in Humanity Restored This man did the right thing I would do the same for my pets