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Ataif bil Ashta~Cream Stuffed Arabic Pancakes

Ataif bil Ashta: In essence, these are just yeast based pancakes that are stuffed with a kind of a clotted cream and then fried. The dough on the outside turns all crispy and yet it remains chewy because of the yeast batter and the addition of the semolina. Then you bite into the oozing, creamy filling that is scented lightly with orange blossom water and you finish off by licking every single drop of the sweet, fragrant, sugar syrup that drips from the ataif. mmm

Balaleet (Sweet Vermicelli and Eggs)

Balaleet (Sweet Vermicelli and Eggs) Served as a breakfast dish and also for dessert, this Indian-influenced sweet pasta is fried and topped with a saffron omelette, making it crunchy, sweet, tender, and savory all at once. Sounds heavenly.

Cardamom and Saffron Pancake

This pancake is originally from the Arabian Gulf area, and is called ‘Chebab”. I used to have this pancake for breakfast often when I was a little kid, I love to top it with melted butter, sugar, jam, honey, or date syrup. Other times I go easy on my sweet tooth and use lightly salted …

Kullaj ( Fteer ) This Palestinian dessert is similar to baklava, except it is served hot, and can be stuffed with sweet cheese instead of nuts. It is one of the two top desserts first created in the city of Nablus in Palestine. Other versions, known as fteer, come in bite-sizes like baklava, and could be stuffed with cream.

Soft 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Easy Soft WW Sandwich Bread - finally, the recipe that will make it so you don't ever have to buy bread again!