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This ia a close up of an EUROPEAN BEE EATER. These beautifully plumaged birds visit India from Europe during winter. They have a more uniformly colored plumage during the breeding season back at home. when they are holidaying here, they might be a bit duller in color but have patterns of colors like our saris. – foto de Kiran Poonacha Photography

*WATCH* Often referred to as the “King of All Poultry”, the Brahma chicken is appreciated for its great size, strength, and vigor. They are also good egg-layers for their size. Considered a superior winter-layer, they produce the bulk of their eggs from October to May. The eggs of the Brahma are large and uniformly medium brown in color. As a family fowl they were unequaled, and a large Brahma could feed a moderate-sized family. Thrive best on dry, well-drained soils and moist, cool…

The Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus) is a relatively small, short-tailed pheasant is widespread and fairly common in eastern Himalayas. It is the state bird of Sikkim. Both males and females have red feet and a distinct ring of bare skin around the eye that typically is crimson colored. Females are more uniformly colored, being overall dull brown and often with some gray to the nape.

blood pheasant, female... Females are more uniformly colored with duller shades of reddish brown. Both males and females have a distinct ring of bare skin around the eye that is crimson colored, in addition to red feet.

The Chimney Swift's plumage is a dark sooty olive above and grayish brown below, with a slightly paler rump and uppertail covert feathers, and a significantly paler throat. Its upperparts are the most uniformly colored of all the Chaetura swifts, showing little contrast between back and rump. Its beak is black, as are its feet and legs. Its iris is dark brown.

A Flight of Birds: Photo Ark Gallery — National Geographic Animals

King Vulture pictured here, & the Andean Condor have these elaborate skin folds & fleshy wattles. Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, Texas - National Geographic Animals

I picture a selection of these cuties in a shapely apothecary jar. Fill the bottom of the jar with sand or nesting material and a layer of eggs for an earthy and organic arrangement. Would look great on a mantel or kitchen island. Pottery Barn

Brewer's Blackbird

Brewer's Blackbird - Male~~One of the most common blackbirds in North America, the Brewer's blackbird is named for renowned ornithologist Thomas Mayo Brewer (1840-1880). These birds have a uniformly colored plumage and iridescent gloss that gives them a unique sheen in bright light, a key to easy identification.

Green Pheasant: The National bird of Japan