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Often he could be seen spouting through a blowhole connected to his home.

Some shells were worn as ornaments. This boy's shell had been bought from the coast to his home at Te Rapa, on Lake Taupo.

Aoraki or Aorangi (Mt Cook), the highest of the mountains.

Hokianga Harbour, from which Kupe is said to have returned from Hawaiki.

A fine carving might be admiringly described as 'just like a spider-web'

Great quantities of eels and water-fowl were taken in swamps.

The rangiora is known for life and prosperity.

The gurnard (pictured) and the tautara were seen as counterparts, and a story explains how the tuatara once lived with the gurnard in the sea, then left to live on the land. Because of this association, Ngaiterangi tribe in the Tauranga district used to regard the gurnard as tapu, and would not eat it.

The Weta were proverbially ugly, above all the giant Weta which was known for this reason as 'Punga's Weta'