I love this watch! I wear it every day and get many compliments on it. I feel like a million bucks wearing this watch. Well worth the incredible price on an Invicta diamond watch.

The earrings are incredibly beautiful. They are much prettier than in the picture. I love wearing them.

The diamond stud earrings were what I expected and well worth the money. They are well crafted and brilliant in the light. Equally important, the shipment to Thailand arrived without a hitch. My wife wears them all the time, even when she' sleeping or wearing other earrings. That's the final word on "approval."

I was not sure if I want to spend the extra money on the REAL Jennifer Miller earrings that Kyle Richards wears, so I bought these! They are beautiful! And half the price - I received many compliments on them and will wear them for many years to come!

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