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State Tree--Southern Longleaf Pine

The pine tree was designated as the official state tree of North Carolina in 1963.The state's nickname"Tar Heel State"originates from colonial production of tar,pitch,rosin and turpentine from the state's extensive pine forests.Eight types of pine tree are considered indigenous to NC,including the eastern white,loblolly,longleaf,pitch pond, shortleaf,table mountain,and virginia pine.During the colonial period and early statehood, the pine tree was a vital part of the economy of North Carolina.

Alabama State Tree - Longleaf Pine

The Alabama state tree is the Southern Longleaf Pine

Alabama's State Tree ~ Longleaf Pine

Alabama designated blackberry (Rubus, R. occidentalis) as the official state fruit symbol in 2004. Alabama also recognized the peach as official tree fruit in 1949.

State Rock--Marble--Alabama marble is said to be among the whitest in the world. Most of it is mined near Sylacauga, and marble from Sylacauga was used to build the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Pine cones...good fire starters

The southern longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Miller) is the official state tree of Alabama.

A conifer is a tree or shrub which produces distinctive cones as part of its sexual reproduction. They can be found growing almost everywhere in the world and are typically evergreen. Over 600 species of trees and shrubs are classified as conifers.

This is really cool the way it shows the the different areas of the state. Cute to see the pics of dolphins down in Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area.