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    :) MUCH better than dots or dashes. Highlighters to teach handwriting.

    Strategies for Improving Handwriting. Highlighted paper and more! Free highlighted paper for spelling tests.

    By the Sugar Aunts: Handwriting exercise, Pencil control, Line Awareness, Spatial Awareness, and more. These activities are perfect for preschoolers, new writers, and school-aged children.

    Teaching Proper Pencil Grasp

    I really wish more teachers would teach this. I never counted on my fingers because i knew this. I still use it. Definitly teaching this to my kids.

    Plastic Sleeve ideas

    Strips of paper, cut out letters...markers hmmmm so simple and great! Great for practicing their name.

    Q-tip Painting to practice writing letters

    Learning letters-place small stickers as dots for children to connect to make letters

    Good writing avoids bland adjectives like good. This poster helps young writers find more specific and vivid alternatives. An excellent tool for building vocabu

    This is great!! Very helpful information for moms who are trying to teach their little one's letters/writing. As a teacher I LOVE that she says to teach your child to write their name with only the first letter capital and to practice writing letters from the top down. Great advice in here.

    Highlight-A-Letter...*FREEBIE*!!!! 54 pages of letter highlighting fun!! Great for iii students!

    What a fun way to get some small motor practice early in the school year! Free Robot Worksheet - Handwriting Practice

    Teach a child to tie their shoes in less than 5 minutes

    Cutting station- love the set up.

    Before I taught Kindergarten I taught preschool. I think having that experience made me a better Kindergarten teacher, as I was able to appreciate all of the playful learning that happens before children start school. My son is of preschool age, but home with me, so I thought I would write about our homeschool preschool...Read More »

    The Button Snake - as an interesting new take on the Dressing Frames, sew a colorful button to a long piece of fabric ribbon and pair it with felt shapes that have cut button holes. Children work on buttoning skills, fine motor control, threading, and can work with color and shape sorting as well!

    Color and Word Games that get kids moving- get from one side to the other by hopping from the same shape/color/word

    Find the matching letter. Trace it to match the color on the card.

    Just type in your child's name (or anything else you want them to practice writing) and Voila! a custom-made handwriting sheet.