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No cry.

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This is showing the truth behind advertising and modeling world. Everyone in the fashion model or advertising is all the same, pretty, skinny white girl who give unrealistic visions of what beauty really is. This has caused girls to question themselves and think they will never be good enough until they look like the girls they see in the media


I Live In A World Of Fantasy. So Keep Your Reality Away From Me. I See What I Want, I Want What I See And That Is All Okay By Me. Imagination. Insanity. Video Game. My Life. ~H

La Réalité n'existe pas" (reality doesn't exist! ; ) • french neon lights


please come back


Crazy Late.

Pressure Sign, Adam Garcia "For the Portland, Oregon gallery show Special Characters in March, 2011, I created a neon sign using one of my favorite slogans."

i took my love down to violet hill | there we sat in snow | all that time she was silent still | so if you love me wont you let me know.

when I see your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace, there's not a thing that I would change

neon lights

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