Carmindy Bowyer, makeup artist on "What Not to Wear," shares her favorite drugstore makeup and hair products

How To Look Good Without Makeup.

Advil Liqui-Gels = Zit Zapper: I hear makeup artists use this all the time on models backstage at fashion shows, says beauty guru Robin Coe-Hutshing. Open up an Advil gel cap and apply it right onto the pimple. It takes the swelling down right away. tried this the other day and it works like a charm. Gotta remember this for wedding week! Im sure thats exactly when one will pop up

How to use your makeup tools

We all do it! We're not born knowing how to make the best out of our makeup and beauty products. Here is a list of beauty mistakes women make that nobody will tell you about-- things that age you, turn men off, and sometimes just make it look like you're trying too hard. I also think we spend too much time trying to follow beauty trends, when all along we look and feel our best just being ourselves.


Drugstore Makeup Must-Haves

Great tutorials on makeup from Carmindy from TLC's What Not to Wear; love her makeup looks & positive philosophy of enhancing & celebrating what you've got!

If you want to upgrade your drugstore makeup brushes to a more professional set but don't where to start, this Makeup Brushes 1010 tutorial will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about makeup brushes - which makeup brushes you need, what each brush is for, the correct technique for using each brush, how to clean your makeup brushes, the benefits of synthetic brushes versus real hair brushes, what to look for when buying makeup brush sets, what brand will give you the biggest bang for you...

Tip: Wear an illuminator alone or with makeup for skin that glows!

This website is UNREAL amazing! So many easy-to-apply makeup tutorials!

6 secrets that someone learned at makeup artist school--and then shared!

These makeup tips are tricks are perfect for girls who wear glasses! I've been wanting to wear mine more often!

Easy makeup tips for when you're feeling your worst!

Nearly 100 makeup tutorials - this girl is amazing at makeup.

I (Michelle) did this the other day- AMAZING pulled out blackheads, a little lip fuzz and left my skin super soft!

Jaclyn Hill -- Bombshell Makeup Tutorial ♡ - YouTube -- She is absolutely favorite makeup artist on youtube! Love all of her videos

33 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter.

natural makeup- I couldn't pull this one off but I love it anyways 💜

| This look has been my absolute FAVORITE