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I laughed so hard

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LOL why am I laughing so hard?

I laughed way too hard at this...

Omg i laughed way too hard

I'm laughing so hard

laughed way too hard at this

Laughed a little to hard at this...

lol patrick knows what's up


fb tu

Always Grade Your Friends Notes

Shoot, Pixar is awesome... Some cartoons aren't that bad either... Better than "reality" shows. Can't wait for Finding Dory to come out in 2015!!! I've been waiting 12 years for this!!!

Impressive. More impressive and hilarious if your grandmother is Kitty. Sorry if your grandfather is Red.

Before finding a career in front of the camera, Bea Arthur had a very different job title: United States Marine. Arthur was one of the first members of the Women's Reserve before World War II. She worked for the military as both a typist and a truck driver and on her volunteer application, listed her active hobbies as hunting with a ".22 caliber rifle and a bow and arrow."

The Golden Girls ! I may be a 90s baby but I'm definitely old at heart ! My favorite show of all time ! Watched every episode made hahaha

I'd watch this


All Dogs Go To Heaven

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that comment. I laughed way too hard at this

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tumblr on canada

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