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  • Angela Richelle

    Funny enough for me- some of the ones who are always there no matter what tend to be the ones who live far away ;) haha

  • Kelly Nordine

    #inspire #quote #friendship

  • Dream Catcher

    GENDER AND RELATIONSHIPS Fake friends or True friend (knowing the difference) A true friend is very difficult to find in this society today. Every body can say that a person is thier friend, but not indentifying if that person is a true or a fake friend at all. As an fact, I want to talk about fake friends and true friend! The difference between both of them. First, I want to talk about fake friends. 1. Fake friends always come expect a person to come visit, call and see about them, but they don't want to give in the same effort. They think that's it okay not to give their effort to put back into the friendship at all, which drains a person out. Whenever a person stops seeing and calling them! Due to their blind eyes in what they are doing, they have the nerve enough to get mad and ask questions- why is that person not giving them calls and visiting! Too, Fake friends are never there whenever one needs them the most. This means they got themselves and other objectives on their minds.This also means they don't put any type of effort to see if you are okay, or if one is down. 2.Fake friends speak words to a person who they say is their friend - " This is my friend! I really like him or her ! This is my homeboy or home girl! That's my boy, or that's my girl! " They say such things to put up a front in the presence of other people, but their actions reveal something else. Truely, their actions reveal that they don't that person to be their friend!Also in the presence of other people, they will laugh and talk about you in your face. This is a sign these types of fake friends are not true! Too, fake friends always have a negative judgemental attitude! One cannot tell them about their dreams and ablities that they want to accomplish! They are so quick to laugh and criticicize a person in their presence in your face saying- " you can't do that! That's impossible!" They are always trying to talk a person out of their dreams. Sometimes, one makes their dream as a reality! They are the same people laughing and smiliing in your face saying - "That's my boy! That's my friend!He did it! He's talented!" 3. This is the one I cannot stand most of all. Fake friends always go tell other people's business,but they don't want others to tell their business. They always going around gossip to other peoples' secrets! However, one can tell that fake friend that, " you promise me that you won't tell a soul about this!" The common statement a fake friend or more will say that "I promise not to tell a soul, which you can tell me anything!" As soon as that fake friend gets out of that person's presence, he or she has told other people about their business. Those people who was told; they always say these things - " I heard this about you! Is it true!? That's what I heard about you! Did that happen to you!? Do you have this? Are you this?" This something that fake friends love to do! This shows that fake friend couldn't keep a promise. 4.Fake friends don't keep their word! They always leave another person in the dark about something! This means that they don't call to say that plans have changed, or they don't call to say something has happened! This can usually more than one day! A lot of them have the mindset -" I don't have to keep my word to others, but nobody will not do it to me!" When someone does the same thing to them. They want to get mad about it! I say this- one gets what he or she deserves! I want to say this about fake friends! By any means that they tell any secrets or personal things about you to other people! However, they have abused your inner-circle, which means you have let them in about who you are! Forgive them, but if they want another chance, make them work and earn your trust ! Most likely, they will do it again. I want to talk about a true friend! A true friend can be trusted with the deep things about yourself! A true friend won't tell your secrets and personal business to other people. That true friend always keeps their promise to keep your secrets and personal safe! That true friend never judges you in a negative when telling something deep about yourself. That true friend will always listen to what you have to say! Too, A true friend have a bond so strong with the other person, which they don't abuse their inner-circles with each other. A true friend is always there whenver you need them the most during rough times! A true friend always make effort call you! A true friend always tend to see if you are okay! A true friend always shows that he or she cares about you! This is what one calls true sacrifice! True friends don't abuse the word sacrifice at all. A true friend always want to be a blessing in their your life, which he or she is never looking to give him or her a hard time. A true friend always desire to be a true blessing, which he or she is always looking for ways to bless him or her. Too, that person is doing the same for him. A true friend always is excited when he or she sees you, which he or she enjoys your presence! True friends love to be a blessing to each other, not a burden to each other. A true friend always believes in your dreams and talents ! A true friend always get excited when something good has happened in your life! A true friend always believes in you! A true friend always wants the best to happen in your life, not the worst! They will always lift you up, not bring you down! That's one thing that I don't play about is friendships! Every person can be an acquantance, but my belief not every person qualifies under the catagory of the true friends! I have always had a strong belief and fondation on friendships! Some people don't think about what the true meaning of friendship is! Most of them just look over that word! I'm the type of person who will notice that something is wrong but sometimes couldn't find the reason because of time spent together..but I can still sense there is something wrong , if it makes my heart stop, it's enlightening. Just sayin'! Thought of the day JMG by: D32

  • Kasie Norton

    love!! -- true friends friendship people truth

  • Sarah Evitts

    Don't confuse the people who are always around with the ones who are always there...never thought of it this way before.

  • Annie Paula

    so true. i think people tend to confuse the two a lot

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Due to some recent issues with long time friends-or so I thought they were, someone gave me this quote to cheer me up...and tell me what a true friend really is...thanks!!

kinda harsh but it's reality. believe in yourself, work hard and don't give up. you've got no one to blame if you choose not to pursue your dreams.

It takes everything but later on in life you look back and see how much it was worth it ☺️

Need to remember this-------it's hard to remember when you have your head slammed into a wall over and over during a long weekend away, by a drunk who's arrogant, narcissistic, and thinks a good life is drinking a 12 pack of beer and smoking a pack of cigs every day!!! Some GREAT life, huh???

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This is so true and probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

Even if the person isn't worthy of your tears, sometimes you just can't stop them, but I like to think they're just an outlet -a reaction -kind of like hives.

Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.

Never have to not anymore. After my entire adult life feeling as tho I wasn't worthy to be their girl I finally know what being the one feels like.