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This book is a great read. Robert Heinlein weaves stories together pretty well. He does an excellent job at portraying Valentine Michael Smith as someone you can identify with (humanness) and admire (martian way of thinking).

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Mad Max: Fury Road Max (2015) Issue #1

Max. The warrior Max. Haunted by his past and fated to wander the brutal Wasteland in search of his better self. To do so, Max Rockatansky enters Gastown, the only source of guzzoline for thousands of miles. Here he finds the final piece that he needs to rebuild his Interceptor – the powerful Boss 351 engine. But in order to acquire the fabled V8 in a world where car parts are worth more than a man’s life, Max must survive a gladiatorial battle in a place called…Thunderdome Plus! From the mind of George Miller, the creator of the Mad Max trilogy, the prelude series to the upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road continues in its penultimate issue!                Written by GEORGE MILLER, NICO LATHOURIS and MARK SEXTON Art by MARK SEXTON Cover by TOMMY LEE EDWARDS On sale JULY 8 • 40 pg, FC, 1 of 2,  US • MATURE READERS