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Painted Lady of Cape May by Lisa Kettell. Love it! I want to love In a life size doll house!

The Ford House built in 1887 in downtown Los Angeles built by the Beaudry Brothers.

House M / monovolume architecture + design

Texture and depth through judicious use of lush materials

This house at 916 13th Street in Arcata, CA is a great reminder of the detail oriented Queen Anne architecture with the Victorian Style accented by using various colors on the trims. Fabulous!

Love the outside of this home - it looks like magical things would take place inside, and someone would serve you sweet tea on the veranda :)

this is a beautiful house with BLAH landscaping. NOT an invitation. So yeah, landscape design matters.

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Excellent! I love the weathervane on the suspended turret and the flowers picked out on the roof.

This looks so much like a house in Iola, Kansas ~ MCS : I love these old Victorian houses with big porches ... This one is nice. Quick close eyes and tap heels ... "Theres no place like home, there's no place like home".... open one eye and take a peek... Am I there yet?

Green Victorian House, San Francisco, CA - What is a Must Do in San Francisco