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Although there are some who have no standards...then, think of what God would want FOR you and expect OF you. <3<3

4/22/16- Cassie Cerulli This is so true! For teachers we will have our good and bad days and days where we will feel defeated but we need to remember that it is worth it in the end! Saying this to our students for inspiration when they are struggling can give them the extra motivation to keep going because it will get better if they keep working hard!

Words of wisdom that is so true and i really really need to remember this

I need to remember this... best advice I was ever given about relationships. When you fall in love you fall in love with like 90% of them. There are those little things that bother you, never focus on that, focus on the 90% and what made you fall in love. Never try to change someone.

"Nobody said life would be easy; they just promised it would be worth it." One of my favorite quotes of all time.