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Reading Time: 2 minutes ‘어디 /eodie/? ‘ the man asked, hands on my mom’s luggage and eyes on mine evaluating the need to keeping it in the luggage compartment of the airport limousine (the shuttle buses). ‘Sinsa-dong‘ I answered, as if I spoke the language, in front of my mom, who was lost in translation at 6AM out of the Incheon International Airport …


By Yoon, Byung Rock


Reading Time: 2 minutesTo own a multi-purpose lens is like being the kid of a tiger mom who arranges 20 different interest classes for a 5-year-old, #chineseparenting, I am just goofing off. Acquiesce to it, you bankrupt kid. Anyway, feeling multipurposey*, I was off to experiment some other photography the other day to stay out of the blue. How …