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This Ford Model A rat rod is the epitome of the phrase Low Rider. My brother builds Rat Rods and had one like this

1937 Zeppelin Roadliner (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post61026348&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)

It’s hard to believe that this stylish motorhome was built in Dubbed the Zeppelin by its current owner, famed customizer Art Himsl, the Zeppelin started out its life as a prototype house car built by a mechanic at the Chris-

Many of you have a profound love for cars. For such men, a car is vanity, pride, and ego. Even a single scratch or a dent on the vehicle is enough to induce fury, for their attachment to the vehicle is very strong. If you're among them, open your eyes, brace yourselves for the following awesome car. The Sleeper, aka the 1949 Merc 'Lead Sled', is part of the rather "unaffordable" category.

Bad-ass Ride For The Way You Live And Drive: 1949 Merc 'Lead Sled'

1949 Merc "Led Sled" 1 day a matte black hotrod, is the Riddler lurking near by?

Mercury 1949 - 51 custom & mild custom galerie - Page 7

Mercury 1949 - 51 custom & mild custom galerie - Page 7

1964 Mercury Ranchero

Mercury "Ranchero" (I thought it was Ford not Mercury and yes, I know Mercury is made by Ford.

Mercury - Don't need a college degree for this... http://NoCollegeDegreeForMe.com

I am gonna leave my husband for this car. Mercury, it's the Alan Jackson car ;