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This reminds me of my Dad. He always pretended not to like cats, but when my sisters kitten (a winter kitten) would fall asleep on his neck or chest for warmth, he wouldn't wake her by getting up. Even if he needed the restroom. <3

Because Cats! You'll find photos of cats, funny animated gifs, cute and adorable kittens and kitten gifs, cat behavior and tips, cat facts, breeds, health & first aid. Call them Kat, Kot, Katzen, Gatos, Gatitos, кошки, Neko or 猫, it' about cats

(FORMALLY whorelikedior) My name is Alexa, 21 years old and attending UC Davis. I was born in New York, and raised in California. I'm a coffee addict, a crazy cat lady, and I'm a complete mess more often than not. Check out my Personal/Beauty/Style Blog



* * KITTEH WISDOM: " Ins allz de useful arts; de world be eithers standin' stills or goin' backwards."

value; i have 2 kittens there a big part of my life because i have always had cats in my life. My family just got 2 new ones brothers and sisters, there a big part of my life because we love animals