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It must be owl mating season. The owls in my woods have been hooting way more than usual! I do love to hear them.

Snowy Owl Launch * * Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon. If you're not sure, take flight. ~ E. Stanton

.such eyes! We had one like this in the tree in our backyard, watching our indoor cats !

shared via - #beautiful #owl - imagine how it would look in the snow!

2014 may be the season of the Snowy Owl. They are showing up in the oddest places. Check it out and see if they have landed in your neighborhood.

This is my snowy owl, Elsa. She's my spirit animal, she comes when I'm very emotional. she also connected to my ice powers.

snowy owl in a field of tiny daisies

Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) hopping higher on a stump during a winter irruption year (change in food patterns resulting in, here, more southern migration), on the beach of Damon Point State Park, @ Grays Harbor near Ocean Shores, Washington, USA by Lee Rentz