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It helped. But it doesn't disappear in minutes. The pain lessened and healing time was definitely abbreviated. Applying repeatedly helped too. None of the peeling or flaking associated with creams. Results may have to do with the antiseptic properties.

14 Things You're Doing Wrong To Your Skin

WOW!!! Great read! This is EXACTLY what I've been expelling to my preferred customers which is why they are all asking me to get their hot little hands on R+Fs Acute Care…lose a wrinkle while you sleep…no needle required!!! Want it???…contact me!

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Waking Up Pretty

Dip a cotton ball into the lemon juice and baking soda solution and apply it to your teeth. Let the lemon and baking soda solution sit on your teeth for around a minute. Brush your teeth to remove the acid. I saw results the first time I tried this.