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21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes. My bras and shoes will live again!!!

Stupid human let me feed you

I love this for a little girl Karen White La petite grise. A sweet baby blanket made by Patty Crochète. Her free pattern, in French, for the shell motif can be foun here pattycrochete.can...

You might not believe your eyes, but this Super Mario Afghan is all done in single crochet. This free crochet afghan pattern is a superb rendering of the Super Mario video game that so many kids love.

Tens Unit for All Areas of Pain. This device is used to deliver an electric current through electrodes that are placed on the skin. I have one of these but didn't know it could be used on so many places. I've just put it on my back and shoulder...need to experiment.

People would think me negative if I answered honestly. Chronic pain

tips and tricks

A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW: My Top FIVE packing tips {for moving}

Common-sense packing tips. As a former military wife, I have done almost all of these and THEY WORK!

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Amazed with this Homemade (no scrub) Jewelry Cleaner! ♥ Only thing that's worked on my most tarnished silver. ♥ Pin now, clean later. (details on )

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again

I should send this to my ex haha 😂

DIY Sugar Body Scrub

Read this if you're not a morning person

Nathan and I had most of these conversations before we got married. Highly recommend reading these meaningful, far-from-cheesy questions. Love is important but being compatible is paramount. "House of Doig: 50 Conversations To Have Before You Get Married"

34 Ways To Make Your Stuff Last As Long As Possible - BuzzFeed #modern interior design #luxury house design|

49 Cool inventions and gadgets Wheel chair access car

When I was a teenager, I found myself in an abusive relationship. Luckily, I got out of it safely and only had healthy, happy relationships after the abusive one ended. But things could have turned out differently for me. I wish I had had this information at 19. Pass this article along. You never know who may need to read this. Abuse isn't always apparent to the outside world as abusers are excellent at isolating their victims. | "Six Early Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship" #abuse #abusiverelationship #relationship #love #health #safety #abusers #emotionalabuse #physicalabuse

I drew out each line of the address to the end of the envelope on the right side, sort of like this but with white ink on red paper.

envelope addressing

Envelope Address

Hand Lettering Envelope Address

watercolor calligraphy