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    Colorful fish

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    Koran Angelfish Information - The Koran Angelfish Distribution - Australia, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, West Pacific Ocean. Size - 40 cm / 16 inches. The Semicirculatus or Koran Angelfish is found at depths less than 25 meters (82 ft.).


    Rainbow parrot fish

    Masked Butterfly Fish


    Found on sirencallsmehome....

    Blue-faced Angelfish - ©Христо Христов (Aquasaur) via

    Queen Angel


    Klunzinger’s Wrasse - Thalassoma Rueppellii - Red Sea

    Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food /

    "Namiko" Japanese Fighting Fish Figurine by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

    Jeremiah Mini Japanese Fighting Fish by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

    ☀by Tom Judkowiak on Flickr*

    Taiwanese Engineer First Fluorescent Pink Angelfish

    Bandit Angelfish (Holacanthus arcuatus)

    Yellowbar Angelfish - Maculosus

    Beautiful fish

    colorful fish

    Juvenile Emperor Angelfish - that is one seriously cool fish! @Sarina Wiltshire Martinez - can this kind of fish live in your tank?