Use shower curtain rings to organize/display bags on a closet rod. Cannot believe I never thought to do this... ugh. So smart and simple!

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8 Ways to Organize Using shower rings: Tidy your closets and cabinets with these handy hooks.

Great idea for jewelry - towel rod and shower curtain rods


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Genius and so simple!

Absolutely genius home organization DIY! tophermartini

Pvc pipes for shoe organizing? YEAH!

Why didn't I think of this?!? Paper towel holder to hold garbage bags! Genius!! from

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Hang boots from pant hangers to keep them straight.

I have got to get Nathaniel to make me one of these! Perfect idea for old horse shoes!!

Dang! This is so smart... My camisoles and tank tops are constantly toppling over themselves on my closet shelves. And when I had them in a drawer, I couldn't SEE them and would mess them up, stirring around to find the right color. I'm putting "Shower Curtain Rings" on my shopping list RIGHT NOW!

Use shower hooks to organize purses


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Curtain Rods and Shower Curtain hooks for purse storage and display