so true.


Makes me laugh

My husband does this. I keep telling him one day he is going to say the wrong name to the person he has given a funny nickname. @cindymcnaughton ;)

oh myspace.

Your pity party on Facebook

Funny, he says the same thing.

seriously though

When someone says "I forgot to eat", I think you must be a special kind of stupid. I plan my entire day around eating.

I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. There is a difference.


You have something to say about me? Oh, please be a 'bad bitch' and write a status about it on Facebook.

Free, Reminders Ecard: I swear we won't forget what you look like if you stop posting selfies on Facebook every second.

Hence all the introverts.


I prefer to describe myself as "delightfully difficult." And it would just be easier if you agreed. Mmmhmmm. My husband pinned this. He knows me so well. I'm delightfully difficult... But I am worth it ;-)


This is really true for me - and insecure people block me from seeing their latest losses - however, I never bother looking at anyone else's sites and why is that--because I'm so perfectly AWESOME! LOL I'm so awesome my haters stalk me on Pinterest since I blocked them from every where else.


mmmhmmm so true

love this one Ha!