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Over the past year or so, Evernote has begun to really focus on the design and experience of our apps. We’ve been inspired by a wide range of companies and products that do this right, from Apple, to Uchida Yoko, to Moleskine, . In fact, in Moleskine, we saw more than inspiration, we saw an opportunity to do something amazing together that fully embodied our Experience First thinking. Moleskine is the maker of beautifully designed notebooks and accessories that are the go-to choice for…

Rick: The beleaguered former sheriff is played by Love, Actually alum Andrew Lincoln. He has fully embodied the bad-ass Rick Grimes, the character who will do what ever it takes to keep his family safe — and find humanity in the new world, no matter how bloody the journey may be.

12 Spiritually Uplifting Rituals To Try

Article: The Elephant Journal: How love heals. Real talk.

The Silent Music of the Mind: Remembering Oliver Sacks

A lovely tribute to Oliver Sacks: "What a privilege for this world to have been graced with this extraordinary human animal and his fully embodied mind. The only thing left to say is what Dr. Sacks himself wrote to his beloved aunt Lennie, who shaped his life, as she lay dying: 'Thank you, once again, and for the last time, for living – for being you.'"

Comprehensive, balanced perspective on this difficult subject of people who drain your energy. On YouTube, I have a video of this subject under my name, Emily Sandstrom. It is called Take the Lid Off Stress.

Rolling Stone cover with john lennon and Yoko ono. #magcovers #rollingstonemag