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I’m a woman. I think. I hate. I lie. I cheat. I’m not a virgin. I’m not a whore. Because, you know, women aren’t either virgins or whores – they are a complex mix of both. We have vices and virtues....

"I need (absolutely) feminism because I know the intersectionality of oppression" [click on this image for a brief video and feminist analysis on the intersectional nature of oppression]

Girl Suspended For Being Raped, Attackers Kicked Out Of Drama Club

""Friendzoning" is bullshit because "Girls are not machines that you put Kindness Coins into until sex falls out."" #feminism #niceguy

The "Friend-zone Fiona" meme, reworked. Men who complain about being friend-zoned show such ridiculous male privilege entitlement, it makes me sick. #Feminism.....so glad women fighting back against Nice Guy Syndrome

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