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Seeds Wallpaper

Dandelion Wallpaper

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White Flower Wallpaper

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Dandelion Seeds

Loss Dandelion

Dente de Leão

Pastel Gris

Amazing Pic S

Pastel Color




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Inner Peace” is a sublime photograph of a Japanese maple tree beautifully lit by heavenly natural light. Description from I searched for this on

Mosque Shiraz

Shiraz Iran

Mosque Iran

Molk Mosque

Vakil Mosque

Ol Molk

Nasir Ol


Favorite Places Spaces

The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher #stainglass #church #reflection #beautiful #window #arches #colors #transparent

Waikawau Bay

Bay Coromandel

Coromandel New Zealand

Steve Burling



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Waikawau Bay, New Zealand Get the wallpaper here:

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Bastien Hajduk

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Dandelion Photography

Spring comes back by Bastien HAJDUK, via 500px

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Kelli Seeger

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Detonation (by Kelli Seeger Kim)

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sunset's whisper by Emanuela Leo... I wish I wish to feel your lips brush against my fingertips

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Photo by Russ Matteo of the clouds before the Norfolk Nebraska hailstorm!

Night Beautiful






It's a beautiful night, beautiful world. 享受短暫美好的秋天。

Montana Usa

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Purple Mountains

Mountains Majesty

Glacier National Park, Montana The picture you’re looking at can almost do all the talking necessary for this park: crystal clear waters, multi-colored pebbles, rings of pine trees and purple mountains… there are many legends that surround the mysticism of Glacier National Park. I beseech you to buy a plane ticket and a backpack, and to come see for yourself. #TheGoodshopBlog #NationalParks

Italy Olaszország

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Volsci Frosinone

Italy Mysterious

Castro Del

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61149_478087862213780_912775332_n.jpg 960×637 pixel Castro del Volsci-Frosinone

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White Winter Flowers Warm and Creamy Tones

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Norway September

September 24Th

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Norway Tommy

Hemnes Norway

D700 14

NORWAY PRAYS! When you see the pin that says your country prays, say a prayer for your nation and all the nations and repin it. Keep passing this on and keep praying! Read 2 Chronicles 7:14, 2 Corinthians 3:17, and Psalm 33:12

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Mike Stimpson

Dune Grass

The Grass



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A moment of breathing in movement of rain

Winter Bridge

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Winter Feed

Walking in the winter wonderland! GREAT PHOTO COMPOSITION - - adding a red coat in the distance, using snow covered bridge to lead the eye to the main subject of the photograph. Nice art!