Price is Right game for baby shower, great idea!

The Price is Right - baby shower game. Guests guess the prices of each item and the guest with a total closest to (but not over) the actual total price wins!

The Price is Right | 30 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

Baby Shower Idea

Price is Right Free Printable {Baby Shower Game}

Baby Shower Game - each bag contains a baby item beginning with that letter - guests try to guess the item in the bag - most correct guesses wins a prize!

Price is right baby shower game - Card with the Item Name on one side and the price of the item on the other. Guests try to guess the price of the item.

Baby shower price is right. How fun!

Reading bed time stories, snuggled up in this incredibly soft, giraffe chair is going to be their new favorite thing to do. Looking forward to spending quality time with the little ones.

Guess How Many Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower- messages on diapers to laugh about later.

purchase a variety of baby related products from WalMart and then when she held each item up, we had to write down the price of what we thought it cost... then at the end we added up and whoever was closest to the real price won a prize and the "mom to be" got to keep all the goodies! The Price is Right... Baby Shower Game

baby shower game - guess the flavor of the baby food

Clever idea - Baby Shower Prize: "From our Shower to Yours" - would be good for some prizes (diaper bag prizes and game prizes)

baby shower games

Baby shower game idea!!!! Love it!

centerpieces for a baby shower - cute

Dr. Martens Crib Bootie (Baby) available at #Nordstrom. Stellan must have. In oxblood. He shall match Mommy.

A husband soon to be father baby shower with the boys: Chuggies & Huggies Baby Shower.. while the mom has her baby shower with the girls Cute idea.. obviously, with out the beer for us.