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50 Funny Memes; the best of 2016 I think if cops yelled out Mannequin Challenge! Instead of Freeze! Theyd have better results.

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The Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii), a species of bird found exclusively in the tropical and sub-tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. The blue feet are a sexually selected trait, and both males and females are keener on partners with brighter feet. The males perform a "dancing" ritual, first lifting one foot and then another, in order to attract a mate.

"Wow. So cute but dumb and hilarious. That girl is a life saver............ Or maybe a murderer. Lol." When I seen this, I was like 'Awww.' But then I remembered, 'Oh wait, fish need water...'

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The Best Of “Evil Kermit Meme” – 20 Pics