♥ let me just go ahead and start saying that you are fucking awesome hahahaha you are great really thanks babe i love you so much

You grabbed me in your sleep one morning and whispered .."mine" in my ear. .. .. And I kept that memory on my windowsill, and feed it music, water and light. <3 Josie

Good Morning

The closer you are as a couple, the closer you are likely to be in bed says this study. Interesting!

/ i hope youre holding hands by new year /


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holding hands can be as intimate as anything you share... the human touch is magical and healing and on a very real level allows us to fully realize that God is in all of us. Never forget the special power of the human touch. Reach out and touch the world around you...the world will embrace you right back. You are not alone.

Let me be your safe place, your constant .. A reason for your happiness ... <3 u my sweet co..

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Morning, Babe...

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Evan and Kate's good morning kisses ~ The Champagne Toast by Melissa Brown

The way you always find my feet in bed, knowing they're cold, so you can use your feet to make them warm. And here I thought I should keep my cold feet to myself.

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Good morning handsome. This is how I picture us in the morning. :)

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