♥ let me just go ahead and start saying that you are fucking awesome hahahaha you are great really thanks babe i love you so much

Ven conmigo amor....a perdernos en un momento magico... Donde el tiempo no corra, donde las miradas no nos vean, donde tu y yo seamos uno solo, donde podamos mirarnos, hablarlos, besarnos, tocarnos sin distracciones... Ven conmigo amor... Quiero estar contigo... Te amo mi cosita....

You grabbed me in your sleep one morning and whispered .."mine" in my ear. .. .. And I kept that memory on my windowsill, and feed it music, water and light. <3 Josie

I love being really short compared to the guy :)

Weekends...!!!! ♥ #bedroom #feet #couple #relationship #together #cuddle #newspaper

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images of couples in the shower | The ‘Morning After’: A wedding album with a different spin - NY ...

I want you as he kisses her uncontrollably in bed. Te Amo mi Princessa as he navigates his lips every inch of her Amazonian body. Unconditional love, acceptance, heat, #visualmantra #journeyinside

a steady stream of almost right is an indication of my alignment toward the perfect relationship.

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"Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering."


Let me be your safe place, your constant .. A reason for your happiness ... <3 u my sweet co..


I want this with you every night

bathroom love