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Recently, Experts Discovered That Pigeons Can Detect Cancer As Well As We Can

What These Archaeologists Found Under The Ground In Turkey Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Underneath the Turkish city, Zeugma, there's something buried in the soil. An Oxford Archaeology team led an excavation of the area of the city once inhabited by Ancient Greeks. The mosaic these archaeologists are uncovering depicts the Nine Muses.

How to make a guitar shelf? -

Do you have an old guitar that you don't use anymore? It's time to use it and make a nice guitar shelf.

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23 Memes That Are Too Real For Anyone With Indian Parents

This Took Him 37 Years To Make. When Someone Accidentally Bumps Into It... Watch Out.

If you bumped into this TOOTHPICK structure, you destroy 37 years of work. Epic, awesome, unbelievable work. Made with toothpicks!