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ZenKahuna loves the clubs. Both the steel and the wooden clubs have their own unique challenges. Here he is doing a 30 minute (approximate) afternoon movement snack. Move from one club movement to the next with only a few seconds rest. One of the keys for this kind of session is to keep it as continuous as possible. Challenge your endurance and focus. ...

Fat-burning, muscle-toning workout

Indian Club Fitness Training : The Swinging Circles Move in Indian Club Fitness Exercise Training - YouTube

Bikini season is here! Add this 15 minute 300-rep abs workout to your routine to target your midsection and look great this summer.

BodyTribe Movement Lab: Intro to Heavy Clubs (clubbells, leverage Clubs, Indian Clubs)

30 minute kettlebell workout


3 Essential Movements for Steel Clubs

Indian Clubs for Stretching

Holy Craft: 15 minute Workout


Steel Mace Rotational Strength Workout | The unique dimensions of the Steel Mace allow for a variety of rotational movements that will hit your core like few implements can.

Indian Club Training Follow Along with the Zenkahuna - YouTube

Break down complicated movement to basic movements. indian club patterns of movement. - YouTube

Indian Clubs: Wipers

Indian Clubs for Beginners

Indian Clubs Back View - YouTube

Single Indian Club Changes

The Steel Club Workout

A whole series on Indian Club swinging. There are numerous ways of doing hand to hand (H2H) shifts with the clubs. In this video I demonstrate 3 variations, The low front, the high front, and the low back shifts... plus I throw in a few other moves you can use with these shifts. I highly encourage you to learn the backhand shift. It puts a whole new set of challenges right be...

Knock out 20 reps of the Slasher and you will feel the power of this movement. Be sure to begin the movement from the pelvis, not the arms.