Cabbage Patch Kid backpack. I had this.

Paper Fortune Tellers Our fortunes were things like "you're stupid" or "you suck" and "You're cool." Yup.... we were pretty nifty kids @Kathleen Publicover

This was my all time favorite lunch box in elementary school...circa 1983

Cabbage Patch Kid Pin Ups...I had these! Completely forgot about these!

I loved mine

Vintage 1980's Cabbage Patch Kids Tea party - SO CUTE

10 Retro Eighties Toys You Wish You Still Had For Your Kids- I still have my '90s version-Crimp n' curl cabbage patch doll

Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch doll.

OMG remember these?!

Cabbage Patch Kids, Sweet Secrets Hugga Bunch Dolls, She-Ra !!!

Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids! Mine were named Annabella Barbara, Tara Beulah, Nicolette Shirley, Jacqueline Yvonne, and Lainey Catherine.

Cabbage Patch Kid sticker book!!! Loved it!

Velcro wallet. I always get excited when I see the exact same style/design of something I owned as a child. Had this! #80s #unicorns

Cabbage Patch preemies

Vintage 80s Cabbage Patch Kids Doll Diapers Box of 6 Coleco 1984.