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Let's Bring Back ... 10 Things That Are Ready For A Comeback

Caron Paris produces gorgeous old-fashioned powder puffs with real swan down. The photo directly below is from Dita Von Teese’s dressing table, as Caron Paris create…


10 Vintage Beauty Tips to Reconsider: We all have our favorite trends of the past, like a flapper girl look or glamorous pin curls, but.

I am fairly certain they copied this from our photo sessions when we were younger. Rude!

From Full House to full blown fashion icons this duo never ceases to amaze us! Happy Birthday to the coolest sisters around - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen!

Cheap & Chic  ..smells similar to D but has more of a citrus smell to it!

moschino inspired look photography & make-up: diana ionescu

Post #4 Rococo Dress Code inspiration. — KTGA

Post #4 Rococo Dress Code inspiration.

Dark Beauty: if you manage to find the rigth wig. No need for the corset.still it would be a WONDERFUL costume.