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Regardless of one's faith, the overall message about the importance of what we do day in and day out as caregivers is something that we all need to remember.

Write this word on your hand. It’s a magical way to connect with a child of any age, can ease tears and tantrums and even prevent them.  It’s a simple but surprisingly challenging thing to do, particularly tough to remember in the heat the momen

"Take some time to tell your child you like them today, and list the reasons why. Then watch in wonder as they blossom before your eyes. Words of recognition and appreciation to a child are like sunshine and rain to a flower."

Top 50 Open-Ended Questions for Sparking Conversation With Kids -definitely going to try some of these.


Dangerous Emotions?

Those intense emotions- and what we can do when we feel them & how we can help our children navigate intense emotions.

iMomfrom iMom

21 Creative Consequences

21 creative consequences for disobedient children...really great!

7 Ways to get closer to your kids and be a more efficient mom. So cute. These ideas are so awesome!


Bully-proofing your kids -

Bully-proofing your kids

iMomfrom iMom

20 Pillow Talk Questions for Your and Your Child

sweet questions to ask a child at bedtime to encourage building your relationship. love these.

Teach your child how to tie shoes in 5 min....seriously cool way to tie shoes!!! (I didn't realise learning children to tie shoes was so stressful! We're nowhere near starting it yet but this sounds helpful when the time comes. Until then, go velcro!)

This is AMAZING! All the things you work on to train your children tabbed and highlighted with a key in the front. Training topics include: anger, complaining, lying, laziness, THE GOSPEL! So when you need the verses you can grab the actual Word and be able to quickly flip to whatever you need!! Can't wait to do this!!