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    The Anatomy of Fear

    • d D

      The Anatomy of Fear -- Humans more fit to fear dangerous situations survived more, therefore as a survival mechanism we've learned to have fears. This infographic shows what happens in our brains when we have fears and whatpeople's most common fears are.

    • Becky Adlington

      The Anatomy of Fear Infographic Fun and visually interesting for kids. Could be used to show that fear isn't all bad and can even be fun in context.

    • Northwestern Medicine

      Boo! Just in time for Halloween: Anatomy of Fear infographic

    • Kim Andrews

      Panic, Fear and Anxiety will be things of the past.

    • Katy Atchison

      #hilarious #laugh The Anatomy of Fear Infographic

    • Fiona Bambacht

      The Anatomy of Fear #infographic #fear #anxiety

    • Auntie Starla

      The Anatomy Of Fear Infographic - (visual)

    • Jules H

      Anatomy of Fear Halloween Infographic

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