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Keep calm and stop eating

Rather than encourage self hatred, dieting, and negativity, I want to encourage positive thinking and let people know how damaging eating disorders are-This board is about eating disorder awareness-I have Anorexia Nervosa and I hate it- I will not offer tips or advice to anyone on how to "get" an eating disorder-There is no weight loss/fitness advice on this board-If some people choose to misinterpret this board as "Pro-Ana" or "weight loss" then you don't need to be on this board-Ashley ray

Why do so many people claim to suffer with mental illnesses they know nothing about? Everyone seems to have Anorexia or an eating disorder these days.-"Oh my name is so and so, and i have Anorexia and my favorite color is purple!"-That's how everyone treats eating disorders-Grow up, you idiots that think this! Eating disorders are serious illnesses! Not something you pretend you suffer with-PRO-ANA GIRLS, You are selfish and stupid-You don't know the first thing about eating disorders-Ashley ray

  • Jaden Contreras

    I totally agree

  • Ashley ray

    I am honestly not trying to sound mean...but more people act like being sick or mentally unstable is better or more interesting than being healthy and normal-there is so much pro-ana, its scary...that people have sunk that low, with their body image issues and want to make themselves sick-i understand people feel bad about themselves, but there are many people with a real mental illnesses, that hate them and don't want to be sick-and they don't promote it

Keep Calm and Eat Cake Digital Art - Keep Calm and Eat Cake Fine Art Print

Stop the self-hate and self-pity, with your body or whatever your insecure about- it doesn't make you better at the eating disorder, there is no such thing at being the best at a mental illness, its called a disorder for a reason...there is nothing to envy, to strive for, in an eating disorder, you do not get skinny, and suddenly have this great life, you get sick and helpless, and i don't understand why allowing yourself to get that way is seen as appealing to some people-Ashley ray

Keep Calm and Dance in the Rain

Keep Calm and...

1 in 5 people with an eating disorder will die from complications. So, if you have 5 followers with an eating disorder, one of them will pass away. Be a hero and encourage your followers to get help today. Let those who are struggling know that they are worthy of health, joy, and happiness. Remind those struggling that they have a right to take up space in this world and that there is purpose for their life. Let these beautiful souls know that they were make for so much more. Remind them that...

"Up to 70 million people world wide struggle with an eating disorder."