black swans

Mandarin Dugs

plant one on me fishy

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Black panther carrying her cub

This has to be one of the top cute birdy pics.

Swans <3

Beautiful Black swan with cute Babies

black swans a swimming

Michele Varian - Black Swan Oil Painting


Koi pond ~ Japanese Garden /convert to cross stitch pattern

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Atlantic puffin and a hungry one too!

Rosetail (halfmoon) betta fish. So beautiful, I can't handle it!!!! How to make a MASSIVE INCOME from your HOBBY of breeding fish <3

Swan love

Mother and baby swan.

I don't know who this you? I am familiar with many birds of prey, but I have never seen colors like this.

Did you know there is a betta gene called "Marble" that causes them to change color throughout their lifetime? If you ever see a betta with splotches of might be a marble! Keep him in warm water with plenty of room to swim and you will see your fish change colors and thrive!

White peacock

Black panther